Faculty Members of Dept. Natural Sciences

                                          Tel No. +81-795-44- Ext. No.
                       E-mail address : User-name + @sci.hyogo-u.ac.jp

    Masami HIROSE               Ext. 2237     E-mail: mhirose
            Experimental Condensed Matter Physics,
               Crystal Growth, X-ray Crystallography, Physics Education
    Hikaru SATO                 Ext. 2211     E-mail: hikaru
            Theoretical Physics, Theoretical High Energy Physics
    Hitoshi HOMMA                Ext. 2212     E-mail: homma
            Experimental Condensed Matter Physics,
               Physics of Semiconductor and Metallic Superlattices
    Keisuke NIWASE               Ext. 2210     E-mail: niwase
            Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Radiation Damage
    Satoshi ISHIHARA             Ext. 2235     E-mail: satoshi
            Theoretical Physics
                Theory of Elementay Particles, Field Theory 

Chemistry Hiroshi KIHARA Ext. 2200 E-mail: kihara Physical Organic Chemistry Molecular Orbital Calculation of Organic Compounds Toru OZEKI Ext. 2201 E-mail: ozeki Analytical Chemistry Yoshiyuki KOWADA Ext. 2202 E-mail: ykowada Inorganic Chemistry Yumiko TAKAGI Ext. 2219 E-mail: ytakagi Organic Synthetic Chemistry
Biology Kozo INABA Ext. 2196 E-mail: inaba Osamu YAMAGUCHI Ext. 2197 E-mail: osamyama Genetics Persistence of genetic variation in genes, chromosomes, proteins, and populations Shigeaki ATSUMI Ext. 2198 E-mail: atsumi Plant Physiology, Plant Tissue and Cell Culture Secondary metabolism, Somatic embryogenesis on Cyclamen persicum Megumi KASAHARA Ext. 2195 E-mail: megumi Molecular Biology Genetic systems regulating the adaptation of micro- organisms to environmental changes
Geology Toshiharu NISHIMURA Ext. 2203 E-mail: tosnishi Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Petrology Authigenic minerals by diagenesis and their sedimentological, geological significance Yasuhiro SHIBUE Ext. 2205 E-mail: yshibue Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Economic Geology, Granite Petrology Atsushi TAKEMURA Ext. 2206 E-mail: takemura Shizuo TAKEMURA Ext. 2204 E-mail: takesizu Structural Geology and Stratigraphy
Science Education Shinsuke YAMASHITA Ext. E-mail: Development and Application of Teaching Materials to Science Education Shinji MATSUMOTO Ext. 2207 E-mail: smatsumo Historical/Theoretical Study on the Teaching-Learning Process in Science Education and Analysis of the Children's Conceptions of NatureD

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